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From Gerry Stahl

To members of the ijCSCL Board,

It is with deep sadness that I share this announcement of the death of Naomi Miyake.

She was a pioneer of CSCL and a tireless advocate for CSCL in the research and teaching of Japan.

Naomi was a founding member of the ijCSCL Board and served continuously with enthusiasm and dedication, even during her long and exhausting illness.

She was also a President of ISLS and a co-editor of the Springer CSCL book series.

I recall attending a workshop at a CSCL conference that Naomi led to introduce new colleagues to CSCL.

We will all miss Naomi’s presence in our community.

— From Gerry  Stahl

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From Jim Slotta

I am sad to hear this Hajime, and thankful for your note. Naomi was a very special person.  Wise and caring, and always listening with such an eager mind.  I am glad I could know her over the years, and was honored to be someone she would consider a friend.  I know how highly she thought of you!

From Jim Slotta

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From Nancy Law

I am so very saddened to hear of this news. Naomi is one of the most respected scholars for me. She is not just a scholar, but one who did her utmost to make a difference to the education of the younger generation through the application of her scholarship. She has also exercised great leadership in the global learning sciences community…Her passing away is a great loss to the Learning Sciences community.

—From Nancy Law

From Sandra Okita

I am very sad to hear that Naomi passed away. I cherish all the times we brain stormed together and engaged in discussions that (almost always) continued late into the night.  She had inspired me at many levels, and always reminded me to see the bigger picture, and think how my work can impact the real world. Naomi was passionate about her research in the field, and always gave everything she had to make things happen. She never ceased to amaze me on her powerful drive to keep on going, keep her passion alive, addressing challenges with clever creativity and wit, and continuing to step up to the plate when opportunities arise. She truly cared for the Learning Science community and ISLS will not be the same without her.

From Sandra Okita

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