From Carol K. K. Chan

It is with great sadness to know about the passing away of Naomi Miyake who is one of my most highly respected scholars. I first knew of Naomi through her research writing as a graduate student reading her ingenious paper on constructive iteration and processes; my supervisor noted it as a must-read paper.  As with Naomi, I also had a background in Cognitive Science and later developed research in Learning Science and CSCL.  Over the years, I came to meet Naomi in conferences and research groups and she always striked me with such insightful ideas; her research innovative with strong theoretical foundation; and her design work beautiful and intriguing. She was a good friend of knowledge-building reseach and had served as discussant on different occasions and her comments always so helpful. Naomi is a dedicated scholar contributing much to our field; she was one of the major founders of CSCL editing books and ijCSCL and she played important roles serving ISLS.  On a personal level, she was always kind and supportive; our last conversation was at CSCL 2011 and we talked about visiting schools in Hong Kong and Japan. It is difficult for research to have impacts but I understand her work has influenced education in Japanese schools.  It is a great loss to us but she will be dearly remembered as a great scholar who inspired and contributed much to moving our field forward.

–From Carol K. K. Chan

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